Tourist cycle

I live on a „beautiful by nature” island, a desired tourist destination. Therefore I experience visitors come and go, always new faces always doing the routine things and always leaving after a few days. As the island’s main industry is hospitality, tourists and their imprint are a constant element of the landscape. The buoys - to protect the coral reef from the vacationers as well as the swimmers from the boat charters-, the rutted sand, couples making selfies or inadvertently walking into the picture, and airplanes transporting holidaymakers all became conventional components of the “beauty of nature”. On the photographs it is hard to identify people, but it is not even the aim, as the individuals vary from week to week - most of their trails as well as themselves disappear in a short time -, their general presence is perpetual. But, at the end of the day the wind blows the footprints away, the staff put the beach beds and umbrellas away, just to start it over on the next day with new visitors.

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