Smells Like Teen Spirit

Photography BA Diploma Project ARTIST STATEMENT Smells Like Teen Spirit by Ora Hasenfratz - Photography BA Diploma Project “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” focuses on the metamorphosis of underage teen models who appear as ageless women in fashion photographs. All of the models in my diploma project are between the ages of 13 and 17, because it has become a very typical age for models to start their career. What is the responsibility of photographers in this process? I set a dual response for myself. As an artist, with the tools of fashion photography we can drive people’s attention and raise questions on the problem of the usage of juveniles shown as adult female models. As an applied photographer, there are much narrower options. The source of my diploma project is the strain caused by the conflict between the client’s decision, effective illusion making and the necessity of keeping moral boundaries. This project is formally a fashion magazine photo series, structurally made up of three parts to follow this metamorphosis on the same models; a portrait series, a beauty series and a fashion editorial. The portraits show the duality that is particularly interesting for me in this age group; which is the parallel existence of both childlike and feminine traits of the teenagers. The beauty series represents the relationship between teen models and the fashion industry. Lastly, in the editorial series, the teen models are depicted as women in haute couture dresses – transubstantiated by art history references, but the adolescent traits are not hidden. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' is published in DOILY, a pseudo fashion magazine. Diploma Consultants: Luca Gőbölyös, Szilárd Kiss Concept & Photographed by Ora Hasenfratz Stylist: Andi Magos Hair Stylsts: Naomi Gyuris, Janó Haszeg, Zsolt Krasznár Make Up Artist: Naomi Gyuris Photographer's Assistants: Lola Zsellér, Ádám Földi Modells from Art Models, Highlight Models, ICON Model Management Graphic design: Marcell Puskás

Exhibition opening @MÜSZI, Budapest, 2014.07.02.
'Smells Like Teen Spirit' is published in DOILY, a pseudo fashion magazine.
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