This conceptual work is a medium reflection. I experimented a sequence where the difference between the images are only due to the way the image is created. This sequence shows gelatine melting by the heat of the lamp of the enlarger. I've choose gelatin for two reasons, firstly because it is solid in room temperature, so the only factor that melts it is the heat of the enlarger lamp. Secondly, gelatine has widely been used in photographic processes.
I placed a small amount of gelatine on the glass of negative carrier and exposed regurarly on 18x24 cm baryt paper until the gelatine flowed away.
I also let the baryt papers dry on their own, to emphasise the changing of the photographic paper trough the process by the wavy papers. The final istallation of this project is in a box frame, where these wavy papers seem to float.
Experimentation 1
Experimentation 2
Final sequence
Installation in box frame
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